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Homemaker / Personal Care (HPC) as defined by ODDD (Ohio Department of Development Disability) means the coordinated provision of a variety of services, supports, and supervision necessary for the health and welfare of an individual, which enables the individual to live in the community.
These tasks increase the independence of the individual within his / her home or community. 

These services include tasks directed at the individual's immediate environment that are necessitated by his / her physical or mental condition, including emotional and / or behavioral, and is of a supportive or maintenance type.

Our Helpful Direct-Care Staff

Prosperity Care Services Direct-Care Staff performs such tasks as assisting the individual with activities of daily living, personal hygiene, dressing, feeding, transfer, and ambulatory needs or skills development. 

Skills development is intervention that focuses on both preventing the loss of skills and enhancing the skills that are already present, which will lead to greater independence within the residence or the community.
Prosperity Care Services Direct-Care Staff may also perform homemaking tasks for the individual. These tasks may include cooking, cleaning, laundry, and shopping, among others.
Caring service

Direct-Care Staff Services 

  • Basic personal care and grooming, including bathing, care of the hair, and assistance with clothing
  • Assistance with bladder and / or bowel requirements or problems, including helping the individual to and from the bathroom, or assisting the consumer with bedpan routines
  • Assist with self-medication or provision of medication administration for prescribed medications, and assisting the individual with, or performing health care activities
  • Perform household services that are essential to a person's health and comfort in the home (e.g., necessary changing of bed linens or rearranging of furniture to enable the individual to move about more easily in his / her home)
  • Assess, monitor, and supervise the individual to ensure the individual's safety, health, and welfare
  • Light cleaning tasks in areas of the home used by the person
  • Preparation of a shopping list that is appropriate to an individual's dietary needs and financial circumstances, performance of grocery shopping activities as necessary, and preparation of meals
  • Help with personal laundry when needed
  • Incidental neighborhood errands as necessary, including accompanying the individual to medical and other appropriate appointments and accompanying the individual for short walks outdoors
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